Sport Performance

What constitutes a proper sport performance program?

The first and foremost component of a SAFE and EFFECTIVE program is TECHNIQUE! I believe in giving the athlete INDIVIDUAL attention to make sure the sessions are done properly. I prefer ONE athlete per training session but will also accomodate 2-3 athletes training together at the same time.

According to the National Strength and Conditioning Journal, "Studies show that the incidence of overuse injuries sustained by young athletes could be reduced by 50% if more emphasis was placed on the development of fundamental fitness abilities before sports participation." The missing ingredient in sport performance training is TECHNIQUE.

So many injuries are the result of the combination of poor technique and overtraining. We have seen too many youth athletes (ages 8-18) come to our facility with a long list of musculo-skeletal injuries like stress fractures, acute and chronic muscle strains (hamstrings, calves, etc.), and ligament sprains (knees, ankles, etc.). This is NOT NORMAL! Most of these injuries start with an acute episode followed by chronic pain and loss of motion. They occur because the athlete is not properly balanced due to years of poor technique.

We start each athlete with a detailed evaluation and physical screen. Then based on our findings we will create a scheduled and planned routine where we will guide each and every athlete-developing the skills necessary for athletic success to take place. Once certain components of the routine are mastered, the athlete will progress to the next level...all based on individual rate of learning and skill acquisition.