Remote Coaching

Online Personal Training
Online personal training is a great way to get or stay in shape for a fraction of the cost of working with a trainer at your local gym. It’s also a great option for my athletes who travel a ton and want to stay in shape while on the go. Based on my initial consultation and assessment, I will give you a customized fitness plan tailored to your specific goals.

Where would you like to train? At a gym? At your home? In a park? We can work wherever you like. You and I will stay connected through weekly emails, Skype, Periscope or other Social media sites. You’ve also got access to me over the phone or text.

Weightlifting/Powerlifting-Custom Training Programs, Equipment Expertise, Meet Coaching/Handling

Are you a competitive weightlifter or powerlifter who wants to reach the next level?
Are you a new weightlifter or powerlifter interested in increasing your max lifts?
Are you preparing for a meet and need a coach to help you succeed?
Do you need training partners to help push you competitively?
Are you a strength coach who needs help teaching technique and making your athletes stronger?

SPT can help with any of these needs.
Our programs train the three powerlifting disciplines: squat, bench press & deadlift. Our main goal is to increase your 1RM (1-rep max) in the 3 lifts.
We offer individual and group training sessions in Bloomington, Indiana.
We design training programs for local & remote athletes, designed to help you peak for a meet or train in the off-season.
Our team can also travel to you to lead a powerlifting seminar.

We now are offering online coaching and training. All you need is an iphone, ipad or computer with a webcam when you are training and our coaches can watch, critique and coach LIVE as you are training!

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